How it works

You decided to sell your yacht. As yachtowners ourselves, we fully understand that in some cases this can be a hard decision. We would like to help you in the best way possible, and are willing to go (for) the extra (s)mile!

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1st Visit

First we make an appointment to meet you in person and get to know each other. We prefer to do so on board your yacht. Together we determine the asking price and the best way to position your yacht into the market.

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Mediation and presentation

After drawing up the mediation order we start by making the advertisement and photo/film presentation. Because we want your yacht to look good on photo’s and film, we ask you to make sure the yacht is clean and tidy. We do not only sell your yacht, we are also selling the “feel”!

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Marketing strategy

We use video and drones for our presentations. Yachts look best when sailing, so filming her could be done when you sail her to our sales marina. If you want, we can take care of this for you. When the advertisement is made, we ask you to dubbelcheck all specifications And If the advertisement is to your liking, it goes “live” and we actively offer your yacht to the market .

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Unique (international) co-operation

We mail your advertisement to all (international) yachtbrokers, and we invite them to offer your yacht to their clients. If they find a buyer, we share our commission 50-50. We keep you updated monthly regarding any visits, offers and other status regarding your yacht.

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Under offer

When we receive an offer, we inform you, and after reaching an agreement, we make the Sales agreement. The buyer then wires the downpayment to our escrow account.

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The buyer could ask for a surveyor to check for any structural or hidden defects (on buyers expense). When all is good, we receive the final payment and set a date of delivery.

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We wire the salessum minus our commission or other agreed fees to your bankaccount. (cash against documents)

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Then we pop the Champagne and celebrate selling/buying the yacht.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or visit us.